Burke’s Bakery, a Danville icon you shouldn’t miss

JCP Eats, Kentucky’s top food blog, recently made a stop in Danville to sample some sweets at Burke’s Bakery, located right across the street from Constitution Square. Here is what he had to say following his visit:

“Hey, y’all! In my eyes, there is no Kentucky bakery more iconic than Burke’s Bakery. Located on Main Street, which is more picturesque than ever with the recent renovations, Burke’s is a multi-generational family business that serves up a wide array of delicious, well-priced treats. The bakers at Burke’s Bakery arrive on-site in the wee hours of the morning. Unlike many bakeries, Burke’s prides itself on being fully from-scratch. I couldn’t even begin to count the amount of times I walked to Burke’s from Centre College’s campus. Throughout my four years at Centre, Burke’s was a constant! If you haven’t been, know this: you’ve been missing out!”

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