Constitution Square Festival returns to Danville this fall

Historic Constitution Square comes alive this September with art, culture, and community spirit for the Constitution Square Festival. The festival brings together artists, artisans, vendors, and families for a full day of celebration and creativity. With over 25 artists and artisans showcasing their talents, a bustling farmer’s market, live music, food trucks, kids’ activities, and captivating artist demonstrations, you can experience a unique piece of Danville’s culture and community.

A unique aspect of the festival is its dedication to inspiring the younger generation’s artistic expression. The event not only offers opportunities for shopping and exploring art created by young artists, but it also places a strong emphasis on engaging kids. The festival hosts a variety of kids’ activities, including hands-on experiences like print making led by The Art Center of the Bluegrass.

One of the festival’s standout features is the artist demonstrations that offer attendees an inside look into the creative process. Notably, visitors have the chance to learn the art of chopstick making from none other than Steve Southerland, a master craftsman known for his woodworking skills.


The Constitution Square brings together artists and artisans to share their creativity, while local vendors and food trucks offer a taste of the region. From engaging kids’ activities to captivating artist demonstrations, this festival caters to all ages and interests. So, mark your calendar for Saturday, September 16th, and experience this unique festival for yourself.

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