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Without a doubt, The Kentucky Bourbon Trail@ has established itself as the premier destination in the worldwide promotion of all things Bourbon, and especially so as Kentucky welcomes millions of visitors each year to experience our most important signature industry – Kentucky Bourbon.

Spanning across the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® represents the best that we have to offer. From small craft distilleries to globally recognized brands, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® has something for literally every taste and personality.

However, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® doesn’t ONLY offer legendary Bourbon experiences. It is so much more.

Throughout small and large communities across the state, Kentucky Bourbon Trail® visitors get additional benefits that enrich their experiences even more and deepens their connection to Kentucky. Amazing communities with quintessential Southern charm. Wonderful and delicious food — from locally-owned, street side cafes to upscale, eclectic cuisine — like nothing else in the world. Unique attractions, landscapes, and tourism opportunities that make Kentucky one of the best places in the world to visit. Diverse arts, music, festivals and celebrations  — found all across the state that only add to the unique fabric of our culture.

And, there’s no better place to start this journey than Danville, Kentucky. Home to where Kentucky began its statehood. With a variety of local bars and restaurants leaning into our rich Bourbon legacy, Danville has plenty of places to sit, sip and stay awhile. With downtown charm and lovely scenic vistas — all leading to Wilderness Trail Distillery, one of the most popular artisan distilleries on the Trail, Danville is the perfect place to begin your Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tour.

Danville, Kentucky. It all starts here.

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