Need a good scare? Hustonville Haunted House will put your bravery to the test

Every October, thrill-seekers from near and far descend upon Junction City, Kentucky, for an unforgettable experience that may send shivers down their spines. Hustonville Haunted House has been delighting and terrifying visitors for 30 years.

The haunted house features a series of three exhilarating attractions including The Final Exorcism, Creepers Corn Maze, and The Junction City Chainsaw Mascara. The dark, winding paths and disorienting illusions keep visitors on edge, never knowing what’s lurking around the next corner.

The horror begins on Friday, September 29th and will continue Thursday through Sunday throughout October. Tickets can be purchased for individual attractions, or you can purchase speed passes that will grant access to all three but remember there are no refunds so enter if you dare.

For those who dare seek an extra special night of horrors, join Hustonville Haunted House on Saturday, October 28th, during their first ever after-hours blackout night. Your group will receive one glowstick and must make it through the haunted house and creepers maze. If that isn’t enough, you must protect your light from getting stolen by the creatures that await.

As the sun sets and the shadows grow longer, the haunted house comes alive, ready to welcome those daring enough to face their fears. So, if you find yourself in central Kentucky during the Halloween season, make sure to add the Hustonville Haunted House to your list of spine-chilling adventures. Just remember to bring your courage and a friend to cling to—you’re in for a ride you won’t soon forget.

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